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Features & Benefits
If you try to set up a marijuana enterprise, you’ll discover that a lack of banking services is a considerable obstacle. The confusion between state and federal laws means cannabis companies are caught in the midst of a legal minefield. The Marihuana Tax Act of 1937 made the plant illegal in the United States. It was prohibited globally within a generation as America exerted its influence on other nation’s drug policies.Read more
The Controlled Substances Act of 1970 classified marijuana as a Schedule I controlled substance. The cannabis plant remains a federally illegal substance at the time of writing. As a consequence, banks that handle marijuana money can receive a money laundering charge. Therefore, when a company in our industry reaches out to a bank, rejection is inevitable. It makes things extremely tricky for cannabis firms. As they are restricted to cash, they become prime targets for thieves. An increasing number of organizations must spend six-figure sums annually on security for their money. With CannaPay, it doesn’t have to be that way! We offer cannabis credit card processing solutions that help take cash out of the equation.

Reduce Risk

Cannabis processing and harvesting are a lot easier than securing your finances! CannaPay offers marijuana payment solutions that help you conduct your monetary affairs like a ‘traditional’ enterprise. We have detailed knowledge of regulatory agencies and provide a legal and safe service to our customers. It isn’t unusual for a marijuana dispensary to earn $250,000+ per month. In a ‘normal’ situation, they could deposit it in a bank. Sadly, cannabis companies don’t have this luxury. Instead, they have to store the cash somewhere and pay their staff & bills. In this situation, a business can:
  • Store the money in a safe on-site.
  • Transfer it to a Federal Reserve Bank in an armored truck.
  • Try to find a ‘safe’ hiding place and hope no one uncovers hundreds of thousands of dollars.
Alternatively, you can get in touch with CannaPay, and use our cannabis payment gateway to make life simpler. Imagine a situation where you can finally offload the cash safely and rest easy at night. Our cannabis merchant processing system is a simple 3-step process that takes 24-48 hours. It is quick and easy to install, and our trained and dedicated team of staff are on hand to help with any problems.

Marijuana Processing Made Simple

Marijuana processing payments don’t have to be a complicated affair. We have distilled the process into three easy steps:
  1. Set Up an Account: Complete the form at the bottom of the page to quickly and easily set up an account with CannaPay. Next, we program your dispensary’s Point of Sales (POS) system to work with our payment gateway.
  2. Accept Debit or Credit Cards: Your customers can pay for their purchases using a debit or credit card. CannaPay also provides a mobile credit card swiper so that you can accept payments on the move.
  3. Payment Processing: You can process all card transactions via the POS integrated payment gateway. You will see the funds in your account within 24-48 hours.
Through this process, your marijuana dispensary is legally able to operate as a business in any other industry! You no longer need to accept cash only from customers, and you reduce the risk to your business with a single stroke of a credit or debit card. At present, cash-only dispensaries are prime targets for criminal gangs. With CannaPay, you reduce that threat by ensuring you don’t have tens of thousands of dollars in cash lying around.

The Dangers of Cash Payments

Processing marijuana payments with CannaPay removes a major headache for any cannabis dispensary. While matters have improved in recent years, the plight of dispensaries is a shocking one. According to research by the Wharton School of Business Public Policy Initiative in 2015, 50% of marijuana dispensaries were burglarized or robbed. On average, thieves walked away with between $20,000 and $50,000 each time. The American Bankers Association stated that between 2012 and 2016, Denver dispensaries accounted for 10% of all reported business burglaries. They made up less than 1% of all enterprises in the city! In the last few years, the advent of marijuana credit card processing has led to a steep decline in dispensary robberies. Unfortunately, cannabis businesses that still operate in cash retain a particular allure for prospective thieves. For example, a would-be burglar knows that if they try to rob the local 7-Eleven, they may get a few hundred bucks at best. If they set their sights on a cannabis dispensary, however, they could hit a jackpot of hundreds of thousands of dollars on a good day. Indeed, robbers get more money on average from a dispensary than they do from a bank, and at far less risk!
Features & Benefits
Cannabis Banking Services
Cannabis Banking Services
No bank, no problem. We can help you establish a business bank account account for your cannabis operation.
Cannabis Merchant Accounts
Cannabis Merchant Accounts
Accept credit cards from your customers.
Cannabis ATM's
Cannabis ATM's
Placement, purchase, lease, and in house financing are all options.
Cashless Program
Cashless Program
With armored car pickup we remove the risk and hassles of handling, storing, counting and protecting cash.
Branded Re-loadable Cards
Branded Re-loadable Cards
Give your customers a branded re-loadable stored value card. Convenient phone app loads account with funds.
CBD Payment Processor
CBD Payment Processor
Allow us to process your CBD and cannabis sales from start to finish
CBD Merchant Accounts
CBD Merchant Accounts
Now you'll be able to accept credit cards from all your customers
CBD Processing
CBD Processing
Worrying about how to accept payment is a thing of the past
How It Works
Step 1
Step 1
Once your account is set up, we will program your dispensary POS system to work with our cannabis payment gateway. The install process is quick and easy.
Step 2
Step 2
Accept debit and credit cards from your POS system or anywhere on-the-go with the mobile credit card swiper. Flexible payment processing solutions when you need it.
Step 3
Step 3
Debit and credit card transactions are processed through your POS integrated payment gateway and funds are deposited to your account within 24-48 hours.
No Hidden Fees, Ever!
  • No hidden fees
  • No setup fees
  • No early termination fees
  • Zero reserves
Why Choose CannaPay?

Processing cannabis payments is what we do, and we are one of the best in the industry! Our knowledge and experience in dealing with ‘high-risk’ transactions make us an ideal marijuana payment processing partner for your dispensary.

With five years of experience, hundreds of qualified staff, and thousands of satisfied customers, it is fair to say that CannaPay knows what is best for our clients! Here are four reasons to choose CannaPay.

Reliable Onsite Installation
Without proper installation, your entire marijuana payment system will cause you untold problems. Fortunately, the team at CannaPay is staffed with experienced and certified professionals who will expertly set up your account. The next step involves scheduling integration for eCommerce accounts. If you have a retail account, one of our team will install the account remotely or in-person.
Comprehensive Training
A marijuana payment processing system is only as good as the person using it. We offer preliminary onsite training and extensive ongoing training to ensure you and your staff find it easy to use. Whether you require training for sales software, eCommerce, or retail cannabis merchant accounts, CannaPay has you covered! We tailor training to suit your requirements and your ability to use the account.
At CannaPay, we know how busy the average marijuana dispensary is. As a result, we tailor appointments to fit your schedule, not the other way around. Once you get in contact, tell us when you want your cannabis merchant account installed, and we will get it done. If you need to change your appointment for any reason, just let us know in advance!
24/7 Customer Service
We pride ourselves on providing a lightning-quick response to client queries. If you have any issues with your account, get in touch with the dedicated CannaPay customer service team. We provide technical assistance over the phone no matter what time of day it is. Why? Because we know that downtime costs your business money.

Cannabis Processing

You Must Know
Years of

Medical Cannabis and CBD Oils Payment Solutions

At present, medical marijuana is legal in 33 states, plus D.C. That equates to an awful lot of dispensaries in need of medical cannabis payment solutions. If you are not already a CannaPay customer, you are missing out on these six benefits:
Cannabis Banking Services
Federal law prohibits banks from getting involved in the marijuana industry. However, CannaPay acts like a bank for cannabis dispensaries and provides you with the ability to reduce the need for cash.
Armored Car Pickup
Unfortunately, transferring money to a secure location is fraught with danger. We will hire an armored car on your behalf, which reduces the risk.
Payment in a Flash
Your customers can enter the store, buy your products, and pay with their debit or credit card. Research shows that people spend more when paying with cards than they do with cash. Therefore, the CannaPay medical marijuana credit card processing system could increase your revenue!
Give your customers another reason to stay and buy through the installation of an ATM in your dispensary. We offer placement, purchase, lease, and in-house financing.
Branded Reloadable Cards
Spread the word about your MMJ merchant account by offering branded store cards. These cards enable customers to top-up, and they can even utilize a phone app to add funds to their account.
Legacy Cash
One of the most significant issues surrounding the cannabis processor industry is the ability to deal with legacy cash.

Why Trust Us with Cannabis and CBD Payment Solutions and Processing?

At CannaPay, our primary goal is to provide high-quality payment processing to organizations within the cannabis industry so that our clients can easily sell cannabis or CBD online by opening up a CBD or cannabis merchant account with us. We offer a range of professional services including, cannabis and CBD oil merchant processing, cannabis and CBD payment gateways, cannabis and CBD payment processing, cannabis and CBD merchant account reviews, and other cannabis and CBD merchant services.

Why Is a Cannabis or CBD Merchant Account Necessary?

Although hope is on the horizon in the form of legislation like the SAFE Banking Act, it will probably take years for legislature to remove the financial yoke from around the necks of dispensaries, which means cannabis credit card processing can be an incredible hassle for cannabis and CBD vendors.

A Hassle-Free Cannabis and CBD Payment Processor

Until the day comes when it is easy to open up a cannabis or CBD bank account and until there are more cannabis and CBD-friendly banks, we pledge to provide marijuana industry professionals with all the banking services they need. The CannaPay team knows all too well how hard it is for organizations in the industry, which is why we feel our work is so incredibly important. We want to be able to assist already established and budding cannabis and CBD businesses by offering them cannabis and CBD merchant accounts and merchant processing, so that they are able to achieve the greatest success possible with the help of our cannabis and CBD credit card processing and other processing services. We take our responsibility to help clear obstacles very seriously, and our 24/7 service will not let you down.

If your business has been searching for a credit card processor for CBD or cannabis products, or perhaps a way to have a cannabis or CBD merchant account, our team is here to help your company thrive.

Cannabis Processing Cannabis Processing Cannabis Processing Cannabis Processing
What Our Customers Say
Liliana James
Liliana James
CFO, CannaGreen CO
I used to use Elavon to process my cannabis-related purchases, but after they stopped allowing us to utilize their services for this purpose, I was left with nowhere to turn. That’s when I got in touch with CannaPay and their solutions have been incredibly helpful. Most of all, I can rely on them and I know they won’t just end up falling off the face of the Earth.
Jared Hale
Jared Hale
Business Development, CBDLoveU
I’m grateful for CannaPay because they’re filling a big void in the cannabis industry. PayPal had previously halted some of my incoming funds due to their refusal to cooperate with cannabis companies, so when I was in a tricky spot, CannaPay was able to save my business.
Remi Solis
Remi Solis
Accountancy , CushDeliveryOnline
Because of CannaPay, I am happy to now be able to provide my customers and clientele with all the same payment options of any other retailer. This makes business transactions and flow of money so much simpler.

Marijuana Processing Companies
What To Look For?

There are quite a few marijuana processing companies available, but they are not all created equal. When the time comes to find reliable THC merchant services, here are a few things to consider.
Read more
High-Risk Transaction Capability
Quick & Easy Integration
POS Availability
Low Fees
Customer Service
1 - High-Risk Transaction Capability

The provider of your marijuana merchant account must have prior experience in handling high-risk transactions. Aside from 420 merchant solutions, other high-risk industries include:

  • Online dating
  • Bitcoin trading
  • Telemarketing
  • Online gaming
  • E-cigarette and vaporizer companies

While we don’t have experience in those fields, we have worked as a marijuana processing company for five years. During that period, our team of over 200 staff has helped approximately 2,500 cannabis companies.

2 - Quick & Easy Integration
The process of adding a cannabis processing system seems a daunting one, but it doesn’t have to be. Our system is intuitive, and we are confident that your team will find it easy to use once they gain the requisite experience. In any case, the CannaPay team is on hand to help facilitate a smooth transition.
3 - POS Availability

A Point of Sales system enables you to save time on administrative tasks and reduce the cost of in-office work. At CannaPay, we ensure that your POS system works with our payment gateway. At this point, you can handle online and offline transactions.

A sound POS system lets you see accurate reports and increase sales profitability. Other benefits include increased customer loyalty.

4 - Low Fees
Too many marijuana processing companies charge high transaction fees. With compliance, statement, terminal, non-compliance, and monthly or annually fees, to name just five, the cost will shock you. We are upfront about all of our prices, never hit you with sneaky hidden charges, and don’t penalize you with a ‘fine’ if you elect to walk away. We want you to feel comfortable using our service, which is why we apply full transparency to everything we do.
5 - Customer Service

What do you do if a customer wants to issue a chargeback on a submitted order? If you don’t know how to handle these issues, it is too easy to lose customers. Fortunately, you can get in touch with the CannaPay team 24/7. We are there to assist you with matters great or small. We recognize that your time is precious, so we won’t leave you waiting too long for a solution!

We pride ourselves on providing personalized service to ensure long-term partnerships with our clients. Also, we are there if you have any technical issues. After all, the system isn’t much use if you are not able to use it!

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